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The furnishings and other contents of the room it was which riveted his attention.
For a long minute the officers stood with tensed nerves, every eye riveted upon the bushes from whence the ominous sound had issued.
His terrifying eyes riveted themselves upon the girl's face--she could feel his hot breath upon her cheek and the odor of the fetid vapor nauseated her.
He grovelled in the gloom, the eyes from out his drawn face riveted upon the intervening door.
Among other things, I observed that the door that I was holding open was of heavy iron plates, riveted.
So when in time a son was born the infant's feet were riveted together and he was left to die on Mount Cithaeron.
The trapper pointed to a flight of vultures, that were sailing over the plain at no great distance, and apparently in the direction in which the Pawnee had riveted his eye.
The flanks of the dark, moving mass, were advanced in such a manner as to make a concave line of the front, and every fierce eye, that was glaring from the shaggy wilderness of hair in which the entire heads of the males were enveloped, was riveted with mad anxiety on the thicket.
Equally unable to fly or to advance, he stood riveted to the spot, until the infatuation became so complete, that the worthy naturalist was beginning, by a desperate effort of scientific resolution, even to class the different specimens.
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