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STREAM. A current of water. The right to a water course is not a right in the fluid itself so much as a right in the current of the stream. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1612. See River; Water Course.

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Khowai (Tripura) [India], August 27 ( ANI ): In a bizarre incident in the remote area of Champahawar of Tripura's Khowai district, a father killed a girl child by throwing her in a rivulet on Saturday.
Peel residents had voiced concerns about the safety of the old bridge over the Winburndale Rivulet due to the steep approach to the bridge, and its width and proximity to the water below, Mr Chester said.
After committing the crime, the man carried the body in his arms and then dumped it in the nearby rivulet, before going back to sleep.
The test case involves the flow of a continuous liquid rivulet along an inclined solid surface of slope 7[degrees] with a channel of width 12.
AS deputy commissioner of Jammu and Kashmir's Reasi district, Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary found constructing bridges on rivulets and streams can save lives of children as well as domestic animals and facilitate easy access to schools.
SPH Simulation of Rivulet Dynamics on Surfaces with Various Wettabilities," SAE Int.
Work on a new development on land at a former gasworks, near Rivulet Road Wrexham, unearthed a foul odour last Thursday and Friday, said local James Steele.
The developments in Wrexham will see it building on two sites, on Kingsmills Road, and on Rivulet Road with both due to be completed by December 2013.
A survey by the Industry Nature Conservation Association (INCA), based at the Wilton International Site near Redcar, shows that the Blomer's Rivulet, Garden Tiger and Southern and Silky Wainscots are among the rare species of moth to be found on Teesside.
Today Staffordshire County Council started a pounds 160,000 project to replace the dilapidated structure with a new concrete sleeve system along the 10 metre rivulet culvert.
But in all these works, a rivulet runs through it, a perpetual bathing and cleansing that signifies baptism and absolution, a gradual immersion in the ebb and flow of time and memory.