See: affray, altercation, brawl

RIXA, civil law. A dispute; a quarrel. Dig. 48, 8, 17.

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Rixa the co-chair of CAN equity group stated "It was an important opportunity missed by India to set conditions for ambitious commitments by enriching the discussions on equity with own suggestions that could have shaped the debate constructively.
For several years, my wife Rixa and I directed a study
Seipsum defenders: Necessary Rixa (brawling): force used by and proportionate use of force individuals or gangs for in private self-defense (for private reasons other than example II-II, q.
It is likely that Kuwait Bay and Rixa are important spawning grounds and that the northern Bubiyan area (most susceptible to influence by Shatt Al Arab waters) is a major nursery area for large juveniles.
Tenders are invited for Cons Of Roof Support By Girder On Brickwall At 7Dip/15El In Rixa Seam Of Kalidaspur Project
Tenders are invited for Crossing Of Five Nos Dykes In 14Wl Development Dist In Rixa Seam At Kalidaspur Project.
Main Dip Development District In Rixa Seam Of Kalidaspur Project.
H (Nx Size) 25M Length Each From Rixa Seam To Rix Seam For Checking Parting & Status Of Coal Seam,At Kuardi-Tirat Colliery .