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It was delightful--romantic-- mysterious to be roaming here alone on this enchanted shore.
The Gauchos employed here attribute i chiefly to the stallions constantly roaming from place t place, and compelling the mares to accompany them, whethe or not the young foals are able to follow.
With LTE services rolling out around the globe in 2012, operators and affiliates must prepare themselves for the transformative effect this will have on the telecoms industry, particularly the roaming sector.
visiongain's latest report examines key areas within the mobile roaming sector.
com/research/3d0818/global_mobile_roam) has announced the addition of the "Global Mobile Roaming Pricing 2010" report to their offering.
BARCELONA, Spain -- Leading global roaming and mobile connectivity expert Roamware has successfully completed the GSM Association-led proof-of-concept trial for a new hub-based roaming structure for the mobile market.
Company Contracts with Wireless Solutions International to Provide GSM Association Compliant Maritime Roaming in Europe
The company's Over-the-Air Local Prepaid Roaming feature has been selected for the award category of Best Roaming Product or Service.
Roaming agreement expands Boingo Roaming System to Dutch travel locations and business centers, laying foundation for expanded Wi-Fi device use
The purpose of the collaboration is to create a framework for IMS solutions by adding LongBoard's multimedia roaming solution with ipUnplugged's Mobile IP-based seamless roaming solution to create a platform for service providers to develop IMS based services, to both the enterprise market as well as the consumer market.
Singapore Changi Airport and Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Center are Among 200 Locations Added to Boingo [R] Roaming System Under New Agreement
for its pioneering work in mobile traffic redirection - the ability for a network operator to redirect subscribers to the most advantageous network whilst roaming abroad - issuing Roamware United States Patent Number 7,072,651, entitled "Method and System for Cellular Network Traffic Redirection," and exclusive patent rights over its broadly-worded claims.