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ROARING. A disease among horses occasioned by the circumstance of the neck of the windpipe being too narrow for accelerated respiration; the disorder is frequently produced by sore throat or other topical inflammation.
     2. A horse affected with this malady is rendered less serviceable, and he is therefore unsound. 2 Stark. R. 81; S. C. 3 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 255; 2 Camp. R. 523.

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Scarcely a day or night of his jungle life--and practically all his life had been spent in the jungle--had he not heard the roaring of hungry lions, or angry lions, or love-sick lions.
Schneider won by a slender margin, and as Tarzan scaled the cliff to the summit, he heard behind him mingled with the roaring of the baffled cat, the gibbering of a human voice that was at the same time more bestial than the beast's.
Then she came out again, and went away with her mate to seek food, and soon we heard them roaring in the distance.
As he spoke we heard a great sound of roaring from the cave in the cliff.
But the weight of his charge carried us to the ground, and he fell on to us, striking at us and at the spears, and roaring with pain and fury as he struck.
With his powerful fore-paws, standing erect and roaring, he proceeded to get acquainted with the ring.
He responded, rushing against the bars and roaring back at me his impotent wrath.
Appvion Inc stated on Thursday that it plans to complete the consolidation of the majority of the carbonless paper coating and rewinding operations at its plant in Appleton, Wisconsin, to its integrated pulp and paper mill in Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania by the third quarter of 2018.
If unknown lions or predators try to intrude, roaring warns them away.
Roaring thunderously as they bare their deadly teeth and claws, they launch into each other to show who's the top cat.
Common myths about the era are deconstructed; though the Roaring Twenties are often thought to be a peaceful, prosperous time, 1920 is notable for the greatest act of terrorism in American history up to that date, concentration of wealth among "robber barrons", virtual serfdom among the poorest masses, horrific labor conditions that nurtured unions out of necessity; and more.
JEBEL ALI TODAY The last time Roaring Forte was in action, the Lockerbie bomber was being released from prison by the Scottish government.