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ROBBER. One who commits a robbery. One who feloniously and forcibly takes goods or money to any value from the person of another by violence or putting him, in fear.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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And Rob recognized him as the man with the green blinder; only this was now removed, and his freed eye gleamed as stoutly as the other one.
"Rob in the Hood--for such the lady called you," said he, "I can vouch for your tale.
Then good Will Stutely told the outlaws of Rob's deeds, and gave him his hand of fealty.
Rob was in the airport fire service at East Midlands Airport and Local Authority Leicestershire Fire and Rescue on retained service at Shepshed Station.
In it, Rob Roy says an officer should remove the man from the land in Arnprior, Stirling.
Seeking adventure, Rob and his wife Jan moved to Alaska, where they could hunt and fish, living there for six years.
Also true: Rob seized this opportunity and forged his own career path, a path he essentially invented.
Rob had a truly unique, piercing intellect and sense of humor, compassion and ability to be objective about the topic of genital autonomy despite his obvious profound emotional connection with the issue.
Now Rob has made very public overtures about his 'crush' on Alexis and has shared a video of her, in what seems to be Kris Jenner's kitchen, as she spends some quality time with Rob.
Rob Walker was referred to Sandwell Hospital on November 28, 2017, after visiting his own doctor because he was having breathing difficulties.
Today we get to experience that in Steph's way.'During Steph and Rob's vows to each other, the guests were invited to wear a blindfold so that that everyone could experience what Steph experiences each and every day.
Running one marathon is a huge achievement for most people but Rob's runs are the equivalent to 590 so far.