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ROBBER. One who commits a robbery. One who feloniously and forcibly takes goods or money to any value from the person of another by violence or putting him, in fear.

References in classic literature ?
When the mother had taken a sup at her flask, and was having a nap, the little robber maiden went to the Reindeer, and said, "I should very much like to give you still many a tickling with the sharp knife, for then you are so amusing; however, I will untether you, and help you out, so that you may go back to Lapland.
The robber maiden lifted up little Gerda, and took the precaution to bind her fast on the Reindeer's back; she even gave her a small cushion to sit on.
I can't bear to see you fretting," said the little robber maiden.
And Gerda stretched out her hands with the large wadded gloves towards the robber maiden, and said, "Farewell
They drove through the dark wood; but the carriage shone like a torch, and it dazzled the eyes of the robbers, so that they could not bear to look at it.
At the late hours of the night, The Ankara police took an importand notice which was informing about some people who were trying to commit to fuel oil robber at Dumlupynar Boulevard in Ankara.
A 68- YEAR old showed exemplary courage and caught an armed robber in the Mukherjee Nagar area of northwest Delhi on Saturday.
But the robber insisted that Eastman give him some money.
Still, my personal preference for the coolest robber of all time has to be Cary Grant in Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief.
Many times the Six Sigma process requires identification of assignable causes of variation for a robber mixing process.
They said that the person being robbed should cooperate, give up the money, not make any sudden moves; not talk, stare, or try to be a hero; listen to what the robber is saying; and keep their hands in sight.
The father told the robbers he didn't have any money, and "one robber said, 'get the baby.