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A group of 13 stakeholder interests--including state and federal resource agencies, private industry, and conservation entities--rallied together in 1995 to form the Robust Redhorse Conservation Committee (RRCC).
TEMIS, working on components that automate the analysis of the textual content inside the communities, is busy with the creation of an infrastructure allowing to exchange these components with comparable installations also outside ROBUST in order to allow for sustainable exploitation of ROBUST results beyond and outside the context of the project.
Various scientists have speculated that the teeth enabled robust australopithecines to eat tough foods, such as nuts, hard fruits, and the seeds of grasses.
This unique combination of software and hardware allows Ditech to deliver Voice Quality of Service (VQoS), a robust and cost-effective solution for voice enhancement (including noise reduction) and echo cancellation.
Because NAS is so immediately responsive to the urgent storage needs of the market, providing robust storage with simple installation and cost-effective management, it is perceived that the fantastic demand for NAS will disrupt or eventually eliminate the demand for SAN.
Here are four choices of emerging markets likely to have robust economic growth in the coming decade:
The objective of robust process engineering is to find the settings for the controllable inputs that maximize the total utility.
StreamLine, eScene's flagship product, is a robust and scalable Web-based application that enables businesses to publish, manage, and distribute rich media content for corporate training, communications, marketing, and commerce.
Most facial traits of robust australopithecines arose as developmental by-products of their unusual set of teeth, she proposes.
We are pleased to offer full statistical modeling support because it helps take the mystery out of this process, leading to a robust solution and faster time to market for our customers.
This cerebral radiator -- represented in fossils by grooves in cranial bones and openings for emissary veins -- expanded as brain size increased in gracile australopithecines and the Homo lineage, while small-brained Hadar hominids and robust australopithecines lacked the cooling network of veins.