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We analyze the vulnerability characteristics in social systems and propose the influence factors of social network robustness first.
Yet above all else, the idea of further enhancing the robustness of this Ingenieur through design measures was always at the forefront.
The researchers calculated the robustness index (RI) of each model as the ratio of the standard error of prediction (against the meat-based data) to the standard error of calibration (against the broth-based data).
Our strategic relationship with Cloakware is integral to CoreMedia's security initiatives and conformance with Robustness Rules as defined by the CMLA (Content Management License Administrator).
Rhondda Cynon Taf rebuilding trust in the robustness and impartiality of the electoral process.
These stages should be identified, usually as a part of method development, and if possible, their influence on method performance evaluated using ruggedness tests, sometimes also called robustness tests.
Factors that should be taken into account in an iSCSI product evaluation include security, performance, scalability, interoperability, reliability and robustness.
Evatronix adopts fast and reliable methodology to port analog IP to new process technologies and verify circuit robustness by leveraging WiCkeD IP porting and verification flow
Developmental robustness ensures the stability of phenotypic traits, including correct cell numbers in a given tissue.
The most recent QTouch capacitive touch platform is based on the Atmel | SMART SAM D20 integrating an on-chip peripheral touch controller (PTC) to deliver excellent EMC robustness, short response times and combines self- and mutual capacitance sensors for up to 256 channels.
Meant for upper-level undergraduate or graduate courses in power system stability analysis and control, this volume discusses the robustness analysis of large-scale power systems subject to uncertainties in operating conditions.
Parallel SCSI is a proven enterprise-level technology for 110 and device requirements with a more than 20-year history of reliability, flexibility, and robustness.