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Robustness Optimize the functional robustness of engineered organisms in varying environmental conditions, Stability Preserve the genetic integrity of engineered systems, Safety Develop methods to control the growth and proliferation of engineered organisms in complex settings.
Besides performing all legal operations, the Test Adapter can generate illegal codes or sequences, essential for testing the robustness of the device driver implementation.
And last, the robustness mindset translates to strong morale, the willingness to persevere and overcome obstacles and setbacks in the face of competitive or conflictual opposition, resistance, and counter-moves.
Furthermore, since HBM robustness is a parameter that is difficult to estimate without actually fabricating devices, a new parameter for estimating HBM robustness was strongly required.
A robustness analysis method supports the assessment of impacts from extreme events, she says, and is applicable to flood and drought risk systems.
Some robustness analyses of predictors in regard to transmission error have already done in [16].
Robustness is an important property of watermark that ensures watermark is readable even after slight deterioration or common image processing o.
The minister said the stress tests reaffirmed the robustness of the Irish banking system, even though Permanent TSB had failed.
Recently, the robustness has been widely studied on different static networks.