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The optimum cut-off point can be detected using ROC curve, which is a graphic presentation of the relationship between sensitivity and specificity.
Subex ROC will function as the 'Mission Control for Financial Health' as well as enablesprofitable growth for service providers through coordinated operational control.
ROC USA Capital has built a $100 million portfolio of first-mortgage community acquisition/permanent loans to 42 ROCs in 11 states since it was founded in 2008 through the NH Community Loan Fund, enabling more than 3,400 low- and moderate-income homeowners to buy, preserve and improve their neighborhoods.
This is a key development in ROC USA LLC's national strategy to implement its resident-ownership model at scale.
When Rita signed, Roc Nation and its senior executives were very involved with her as an artist," it said, adding that the company had transformed to the point where "she no longer had a relationship with anyone at the company.
ROC was established in Lancaster in 2005 by its founding directors, Hilary Waterhouse and Glyn Waterhouse, and has grown profitably since.
According to Dafydd Rhys, guitarist and songwriter, the track Pesda Roc will be the b-side to their new single.
Two opportunities exist to execute a ROC drill during the mission planning process: early in the process as a "proof of concept" and a tool for fleshing out the commander's intent and guidance, and later in the plan's development as a means to walk through the plan to ensure that everyone understood it and identify any "holes.
ROC, a SAP HCM consultancy, has announced that Azenkai, a SAP Service Partner in Australia and New Zealand, will become part of the ROC Group, forming a strategic element of the company's global business.
UNICEF reported that young girls, lured by promises of jobs in the ROC or onward voyages to France, Canada, and South Africa, are trafficked from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to Brazzaville for organized prostitution.
Several years ago, we re-designed our calibration system to incorporate a monitor detector and second shutter combination (4), at which time the ROC technique became the only beamsplitter technique used for both 1.
The Shops at Atlas Park has announced the addition of fashion forward ROC (Republic of Couture) to its already impressive collection of retailers in the 400,000 s/f lifestyle center.