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We had gone all that way for a rock'n'roll weekend that turned out to be cabaret
Above all, life and nerve is what rock'n'roll is about," says Erling Daell.
Without the teddy boy and rock'n'roll, there would have been no Beatles, no Mary Quant, no mini-skirt.
There are plenty of wrinkles to both the characters, particularly as they routinely left the Stones on solo efforts -- Jagger regularly discovered more musical styles and Richards shed the completely manic rock'n'roll lifestyle while holding on to the image.
And close pal Mark Lamarr added: "When I first met him it was like meeting the rock'n'roll equivalent of Dickens or Shakespeare.
With just days to go until the start of the new series of Shameless, the show's star Elliott Tittensor says fans can expect more sex, drugs and rock'n'roll than ever.
Waters' energetic piano driven rock'n'roll shows have to be seen to be believed with his no-nonsense approach to playing gigs.
But rather than being a lager-swilling Liam Gallagher lout, or a flamboyant Lady GaGa from Glasgow, Jim turned out to be, well, a bit of a goody two-shoes - lovely, and very interesting - but short on tales of rock'n'roll excess.
She'd tour with a rock'n'roll outfit, Rather than staying at home.
The slow-building opening refrain of the anthemic Flowers and Football Tops announced the band's arrival on stage, looking every bit like a 1950s rock'n'roll band, all dressed in black with Gene Vincent quiffs.
Rock'n'roll nut Walter Gibb, built a timber replica of Elvis' Memphis home to mark the Stirlingshire town's gala day.
LEGENDARY rock'n'roll guitarist Tommy Allsup will be appearing at a special performance in one of Wirral's most unusual venues.