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Employees who rock the boat could be your best asset and your greatest ally in building a better future for your company.
Unfortunately, no one wants to rock the boat enough to admit the culture that put them in power is corrupt and a new one is necessary to refocus the enterprise and reward those who actually do the work, not just those who take credit for it.
I've been to the union but they don't want to rock the boat.
The Cutty Sark Rock the Boat tour bus, a plushly appointed touring bus "wrapped" in the Cutty Sark logo, will be home for seven days and six nights for four on the bus as it cruises from Las Vegas to San Diego.
And so, politically liberal but theologically cautious readers looking for a jazzy contemporary reintroduction to Christianity that doesn't really rock the boat may find in Cahill an agreeable guide.
He is very concerned that the current Lebanese government does not want to rock the boat (Lebanon is occupied by the Syrian army), and thus permits the Muslim intrusions on the public scene to continue.
Experimentation and personal expression were endorsed provided the artists didn't rock the boat and condemn the society they were representing at international festivals.
How will they react now that some of those same celebrities have decided to rock the boat instead?
Taken together, the stories in Rocking the Boat offer a richly detailed, first-person account of how working women "learned how to rock the boat and not fall out.
Recreational boaters, on the other hand, do not plan to get wet, yet it happens all the time: a fisherman leans out too far when reeling in a big one; two people stand up to switch positions and rock the boat causing each to fall over the side; a paddler on a canoe trip grabs an overhanging branch and flips the boat.
The action was entitled "The Rock the Boat Tour: Take Back America Before They Drown Us