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Speaking of Twitter, last night The Blackburne pub in Catharine Street tweeted its line-up of local ales - Rock The Boat's Mussel Wreck, George Wright's Longboat and Blond Moment from Everton's Stamps Brewery.
"The optimum strategy now is to keep things ticking along, don't rock the boat," he said.
"But he absolutely adores Christine and he is not prepared to do anything that would rock the boat.
Ince said: "Roque is not one to rock the boat - if that was the case he would have gone before the start of the season.
The low sociability/low solidarity model works well for someone who wants to innovate, challenge the status quo and rock the boat. I admit I am a boat rocker.
''I think we should not rock the boat. We are coming from dictatorship to democracy, so why should we rock the boat, why should we create trouble rather than strengthen democracy?'' Faheem said.
But when I asked my son and his wife about changing the Army, his response was, "It is hopeless: by the time you get high enough up the ladder, you learn that you don't rock the boat if you want to advance." Talent that the Army and our country desperately needs is going to waste.
He's inclined not to rock the boat, until Jo tells him that if he doesn't tell Katie about their affair, she will.
Your articles often rock the boat. Do they ever get you into trouble?
And the straight 44-year-old from Cincinnati is not afraid to rock the boat by taking a stand on controversial issues--including vocal support for marriage equality.
Check out their current CD Enjoy This Trip on Hypnotic/Cleopatra Records, a totally delightful expedition into fast beats and, as somebody wrote in Keyboard magazine, "rapid-fire sample slices." There's even a remixed and tweaked version of Bob Marley's "Don't Rock The Boat." See you at the store!
Left together on ships for months or years, pirates developed their own expressions which moved into common usage: just consider sea terms such as 'don't rock the boat', or 'know the ropes', to understand the impact of pirate lingo on even today's life.