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As part of the Rock the Boat Tour, the New Party is working to get students involved in local progressive organizations.
But because it takes time and resources to check Vail's outcrops, and because critics still disagree about the causes of some strata patterns, it's likely that Vail's sea level curves will continue to rock the boat.
LEINSTER'S Ben Marshall, Jordi Murphy and Leo Auya yesterday helped Rock The Boat for World Down Syndrome Day.
Who knows how she will rock the boat when she joins X Factor here this week.
JOE HART has told Manchester City he won't rock the boat over their plans to keep him as their long-term goalkeeper.
But I made it clear to the chairman that I in no way want to rock the boat and that if a suitable offer doesn't come in for me, I'll be more than happy to knuckle down, fight for my place and try and get this club back in the top flight.
Tyne-based River Escapes is hoping to new talent through its the Rock the Boat competition to find the new on-board resident DJ for party night cruises.
Before you rock the boat, make sure they can't get rid of you," Spheeris said.
Bush's case against the amendment was strengthened on January 25 when three same-sex couples in Florida decided not to rock the boat and dropped their challenge to the constitutionality of DOMA after a federal judge there rejected the suit.
Their ``steady-as-you-go'' approach, resisting all attempts to rock the boat with Westminster, is stifling,but until a meaningful opposition can be organized it looks like it's all we'll get.
Travelers Advantage launched the Don't Rock the Boat online poll so that travelers could weigh in on how much passengers should tip shipboard staff.
When loyal members of the crew give all they have to save the ship they do not rock the boat hoping the skipper will fall overboard.