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Rock-bottom is commonly used to denote a point of crisis, or to use Maslow's language, a nadir-moment (Bevacqua & Hoffman, 2010).
West Brom were rock-bottom last season at a similar stage and they pulled through.
Participants received diagnoses of either endogenous depression -- which includes pervasive sadness and hopelessness, loss of interest in all activities, and physical symptoms such as weight loss and sleep problems -- or reactive depression, which features a rock-bottom mood but usually no physical changes.
Naturally we're going to honor this rock-bottom rate for the individuals who booked rooms during the 17-hour period, as our guests are always our first priority," Aycock said.
Fallon struck in the last minute to earn rock-bottom Robins' second victory in eight games.
This year a lot of companies with traditional pension plans are finding that investment losses coupled with rock-bottom interest rates are forcing them to pay into the pensions to keep up minimum levels, Koski said.
Then hook up our touch-tone VIOP processing/customer service phone and start making calls at rock-bottom rates.
The Black Cats striker says he is under greater pressure than ever to fire Howard Wilkinson's rock-bottom troops to safety.
ONCE-mighty Montreal Canadiens hit rock-bottom when they became victims of the first shut-out by expansion team Columbus Blue Jackets.
You'll find 350 gently worn items with labels from Chanel, Valentino, Dior, Halston and Gucci at rock-bottom prices.