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You can run up a small hill to go through the rockery on the east side of the park, though the track is windy and rises and falls quickly.
But then I had to prise out stones the size of Mount Rushmore from the rockery and heave them onto the lawn which now looks as if it has been under asteroid attack.
Council chiefs said when the latest rockery and associated shrubs were removed unsightly holes were left, which sparked safety concerns.
CUT back rock plants after flowering and trim trailing and invasive plants in the rockery.
Pulsatilla (Pasque Flower) These pretty perennials are particularly good rockery plants which die down for winter, pushing up new crops of finely divided, silky leaves and buds in spring.
They had been covered with a rockery in a garden on the veranda.
For early winter colour, Dwarf Rockery Narcissi are hard to beat - especially at half price
e||HAVE a pre-dinner drink in the Ynyshir Hall bar and marvel at the stunning rockery outside.
You can buy 50 mixed dwarf rockery narcissi for just pounds 9.
They are particularly good rockery plants, forming clumps which die down for winter, pushing up new crops of finely divided, leaves and buds in spring.
IRIS RETICULATA This dainty little rockery iris may not last for long, but its rich 10cm flowers in shades of blue or maroon are a welcome respite from an often colourless scene at this time of year.
Our neighbours have a rockery with ponds in it built up against our garage.