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Mr Clark said: "When the rockery was taken out two big holes were left which children walking to the school would pass.
Oliver Blunt, QC, defending, told Chichester Crown Court: "Mrs Logue panicked and moved the body up to the edge of the veranda and covered it up, creating a rockery.
The garden has a patio with stone effect retaining walls, lawn with path through the centre, a wooden gazebo, rockery with pond, feature trellising and a timber shed, a range of trees and shrubs, and a slightly raised patio behind further trellising.
You can run up a small hill to go through the rockery on the east side of the park, though the track is windy and rises and falls quickly.
On a sunny rockery, thrift goes perfectly with dwarf phloxes.
Avoid "the current bun" - a rockery with stones placed on the soil surface and the "dog's grave" using single, isolated stones.
Winter-flowering species grow just three or four inches high and complement the rockery, while spring-flowering Dutch hybrids bloom in March and April and have larger flowers.
ST HELENS: A rockery in Haresfinch Park, has been restored it its former glory thanks to a pounds 1,000 grant.
Outside, the foregarden has a rockery and lawn with borders, while the driveway provides parking space and direct access to a large integral garage/workshop.
It likes a sunny location and well-drained soil, making it ideal for the rockery or in a container.
They included Trevor Davidson who was asked to dig up a rockery he created on the green.
PLANT OF THE WEEK - Hepatica This pretty rockery plant, a member of the buttercup family, comes into flower long before the more well-known aubrietia, alyssum and arabis, but is no less effective.