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Bishop may find lateral movements equally threatening: tidelike currents cause a blackout; the horizontal rolling of a rocklike armored car is devastating.
When certain tree resins congeal, they slowly polymerize into a stiffened substance called copal and, if kept from air, will harden finally into the rocklike gem known as amber.
Caught between the rocklike inflexibility of a national labor-political coalition and the hard place of fiscal reality, Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso agreed to an 11% increase in the minimum monthly wage--even though it could upset the country's financial recovery.
His parents had become rocklike themselves, with years of ossification.
instead, it seems to do with Dick Vermeil, or the team's history, or the rocklike floor of the Ugly Dome.
Stanner saw this man as one who, while involved in treachery, hatred and bloodshed, nevertheless had dignity, strength and self-possession, a rocklike steadiness, a force and integrity which could be seen by `anyone not blinded by the veils of race, culture, and interest' (1960, 100).
8) In In Transit, from first to last, the reader is forced to accept that words are shifting objects, and that one should not be too hasty in establishing a rocklike foundation for their meanings: "I resolve to live in in-transit" (28).
This process of mineral replacement, called petrification, makes the bones strong and rocklike.
Collapsibility--Heated sand that becomes hard and rocklike is difficult to remove from the casting and may cause the contracting metal to tear or crack.
and an environmentally clean rocklike material that can be safely placed in a landfill are the harmless end products.
For millennia, artisans and craft workers cut and polished certain kinds of these minerals, transforming rough, rocklike crystals into stones of beauty and brilliance.
At first glance, the Renaissance Society appeared empty but for a work titled Peregrine Falcon Nest, 2014, which consisted of a wooden window frame mounted horizontally on table legs placed over a few bits of rocklike debris; a sculpture composed of four dented white and green pillar forms (Legs Were Walking Out, 2014); and a loose sheet of the January 2 issue of the New York Times with an article describing recent applications of drone technology.