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The Jaxsan 600 coating was applied with putty knives and chip brushes to create a rocklike texture.
Lumpy brown leather blocks in rocklike shapes hold benches and some of the video displays.
Jamie Carragher, who has been rocklike for the Merseysiders in their unconvincing start, was caught in possession by Hines.
coral reef: Hard, rocklike structure in shallow tropical waters; structure is composed of plants and animals encrusted with calcium carbonate.
The technically correct shots and rocklike defence have now become a thing of the past for the man they call The Wall.
Suddenly some of the rocklike seals started lumbering towards the waves and slid into the water before bobbing above the sea for photos.
Besides removing the old implants -- one of which had hardened to a rocklike texture -- Motykie had to take out previously grafted fat that had slid beneath Mendes' armpit.
His rocklike determination not to soften toward the older man is sorely tested as Nassara assumes the role of a father figure in his life.
Glauser-Roist looked at me for a long time with what little sympathy and understanding his rocklike nature allowed.
Different textures can be added to a concrete paver to create almost any look, whether it's a smooth tile or rocklike ground.
The smelter applied heat to a mixture of quartz and coal to produce, shiny, metal rocklike pieces, which were later used in making things like bathtub caulk, breast implants and aerospace lubricant.