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ROD. A measure sixteen feet and a half long; a perch.

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Where cam followers, wheels, tracks, rails and other mechanical components subject to wear and degradation have previously been used for these motion functions, the HLM's sealed linear bearings and rodless cylinders replace these older components to provide smoother, quieter and more energy-efficient operation.
Sharovatov, Development of simplified mathematical models of force part of push-type rodless pneumatic cylinder, Materials of All-Russian Symposium Mechanics and Control Processes, Miass, Russia, 2012, pp.
OSPE SB Ball Screw Actuator: A ball screw driven rodless actuator that is designed for light-to-medium industrial applications requiring precise positioning and high thrust forces.
Festo involved two patents for a magnetic rodless cylinder that was used in a variety of industrial applications.
The Lintra Lite series of compact rodless cylinders is available in three diameters: 25, 32 and 40 mm.
This version is designed as a replacement upgrade for traditional rodless position sensor applications.
Activated by a proximity switch, a rodless pneumatic cylinder raises and lowers carts to or from the return track at the beginning and end of an assembly cell.
The plate is suspended from an oversized rodless cylinder capable of ejecting an off spec.
The HORV Series of rodless cylinders are shorter, thinner, and lighter than conventional rodless cylinders of equal bore and stroke.
New product instructions are highlighted, including Powerslide2 guided rodless cylinder, GV3 linear guidance and transport systems, and metric Lo Pro linear slides.
Roblin said the Lith-7 employs a sealed rodless cylinder and mechanical stop shocks in place of the Lith-10's servo motor and ball screw, maintaining mechanical accuracy and sacrificing some speed - according to Walker about 20 plates per hour.