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ROD. A measure sixteen feet and a half long; a perch.

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The carriage bearing system of the rodless design provides constant support for off-axis loads throughout its travel.
The screw-driven rodless actuator affords more accurate positioning than its rod-type counterpart.
With their high-load or high-speed capacity, rodless actuators are widely used as the transfer axes in production line pick & place systems.
The lone print head traverses each multi-pack using a rodless cylinder, and repeats the exercise in the opposite direction once the conveyor has indexed forward to the next package.
The range now included multi-lane dropflaps, multi-lane driven beltflaps, single and bidirectional rodless piston push-offs and the incorporation of the innovative Elbicon air-jet nozzle system providing up to 72 separate reject nozzles over a 600mm belt width.
By utilising the speed and power of Origa rodless pneumatic cylinders, engineers at The Wrigley Co, the chewing gum manufacturers, have developed a machine to improve the efficiency of inspection on its packaging lines.
Now, however, a machine which features Origa P210 Series rodless cylinders can automatically inspect up to ninety boxes per minute, and reject any that fail to meet Wrigley's standards of quality control.
However, the self-cleaning stainless steel sealing strips of the Origa rodless cylinders are unaffected and pose no threat of contamination.