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ROD. A measure sixteen feet and a half long; a perch.

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The rodlike feature of the NAL fillers were significantly etched into broken/shorter nanorods and/or shreds by acetic acid solutions as their concentrations and/or treating time increase.
Fetters, Rodlike behavior of poly(n-butyl) isocyanate from dielectric measurements, J.
3) Under the electron microscope, Birbeck granules have a pentalaminar, rodlike, tubular appearance and sometimes a dilated terminal end (tennis racket appearance).
Peach's images of 2002 Dec 30 and 2003 Jan 2 show its normal rodlike character.
basiph short with a basiph very variable; sclerotized anterior when membranous, rodlike sclerite, downward and backward acting as fulcrum for extension of ph in most downward and backward species achieved extension of ph.
That research established an industrially relevant process for nanotubes that was analogous to the methods used to create Kevlar from rodlike polymers, except for the acid not being a true solvent," said Wade Adams, director of the Smalley Institute and co-author of the new paper.
5) nearly cylindrical, apex slightly curved to the right, opening dorsal, cephalic margin of opening slightly sclerotized, right margin of opening with a medial lobelike prolongation, preapical area of right margin elevated, with an acute process or rounded, near the base with lateral paired flaplike processes, heavily sclerotized vertical rodlike area (e.
An autohelm is a rodlike device that attaches to the tiller - the wooden handle that controls the rudder - and the side of the boat.
microtubules: Tiny rodlike structures made of the protein tublin and important in the synthesis of certain membranes.