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Whether the groundlings enjoyed the former but left the latter for the delectation of their educated betters is a moot point, for sesquepedalian rodomontade had commanded considerable popular appeal since Hardy's time, just as in Shakespeare's England.
Failing properly to weigh this contradiction or paradox in the play--namely, that the hero's Promethean rodomontade is at odds with both his crippling personal memories and his burdensome literary memories--encourages critics, including Nietzsche, to see Manfred as a Romantic titan.
dd Down in the dike d + one beat Under the--under the dd Ooze and the slime, d + one beat Nestles the wraith d + one beat Of a reticent Gryke aa "Bubblering bubbles d + lamb Of rhyme iamb Lines 1 and 3 are double dactyls Lines 2,4, 5 have a double dactyl + one beat Line 6 are two anapests Line 8 is an lamb Paradise Lost Book Five: An Epitome" by Hecht Higgledy piggledy dd Archangel Rafael, dd Speaking of Satan's re- dd Bellion from God: d + one beat "Chap was decidedly dd Turgiversational, dd Given to lewdness and dd Rodomontade.
Aside from the portmanteau works, it includes several operas and an outsized piano concerto, which in its romantic pretensions is risible but enormous fun, combining Lisztian rodomontade and a final choral uplift.
Then, no doubt thinking better of the prospect, disheartened in advance by what he can already taste is and as the ash of half-felicitous and wholly pointless utterance, the rhetorical trope and ripe rodomontade whose tripping comeliness upon the tongue leaves triflers but the taste of tripe, that busy tinkering with language for which he does not give a tinker's damn, he lifts his white kid gloves instead from the proferred silver salver.
In all likelihood, the genre will continue to account for about 15 percent of all fiction published, Disch's entertaining but misleading rodomontade notwithstanding.
Though Byron is not cited in Sanditon he has been held responsible for Sir Edward Denham's rodomontade, but seeing that anything from Clarissa to King Lear is grist to Sir Edward's mill, the inference seems unfair.
or Madonna, of course, but from the early 1990s into the present, no week has passed without one or two snide print media swipes, part of our rodomontade of xenophobic babbittry.