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A fictitious surname used for an unknown or anonymous person or for a hypothetical person in an illustration.

A lawsuit is generally named for the persons who are parties to it. When the name of a party is unknown, the court clerk may direct that the person be called a fictitious name in the papers of the lawsuit. This also may be done to hide the identity of a person who would needlessly suffer if his name were known—for example, the name of a parent who is giving up a child for Adoption or the name of a juvenile charged with a crime.

Frequently used fictitious party names include Richard Roe, Mary Roe, and john doe.

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A rising ROE may mean higher growth for the company, but how effective is ROE in predicting stock returns?
Then, along with his son, he chased Roe out the pub.
Numerous questionnaires are used to investigate the quality of life of RP patients, including the ROE, which is short and easy to apply and has been applied in several published studies (2,8).
Roe began throwing dance parties to provide a safe, no-pressure place for people to invest in their own wellness.
Roughly half of our businesses are not capital intensive, so ROE is not the right metric.
The original felony charge carried punishment of six to 30 years in prison if convicted with no chance of probation, but prosecutors amended the felony charge after a more thorough review of Roe's criminal record.
Supportive Regulatory Environment: ATC's ratings are primarily based on the quality of the FERC-approved tariff structure that ensures cash flow stability with automatic annual updates to forward-looking rates subject to an annual true-up, inclusion of construction work in progress and expensing of precertification costs, and a fixed ROE using a 50/50 long-term debt/equity capital structure.
Authorities do not have much details about Roe or the reason why Freeman may have taken the boy.
Roe deer kids should be left to their own devices and anyone making such a discovery would be well advised to make a hasty departure from the vicinity and very definitely not touch the wee creature at all.
Roe won Photo of the Year 2017 on Reddit's r/ITookAPhoto forum for a photo taken last year in an alley near Bupyeong Station in Incheon.