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A fictitious surname used for an unknown or anonymous person or for a hypothetical person in an illustration.

A lawsuit is generally named for the persons who are parties to it. When the name of a party is unknown, the court clerk may direct that the person be called a fictitious name in the papers of the lawsuit. This also may be done to hide the identity of a person who would needlessly suffer if his name were known—for example, the name of a parent who is giving up a child for Adoption or the name of a juvenile charged with a crime.

Frequently used fictitious party names include Richard Roe, Mary Roe, and john doe.

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Currently, the number of capricorns in Kyrgyzstan reached 41,463, roe deers - 4,470, wild boar - more than 2,000.
Indeed, along with badgers, pine marten, fallow deer, stoats and our grey and common seals, roe deer employ a method known as "delayed implantation", in a way, a form of suspended animation.
However, roe deer is also able to settle down in agricultural landscapes (Acevedo et al.
Therefore, we collected roe deer blood samples during 2017, tested them for TBEV and TBEV-neutralizing antibodies, and compared results with those from 2010 (1).
Increasingly roe deer are now also becoming established within urban areas including Dumfries and well as the rural areas around it.
By preying on roe deer, they could play a vital role in maintaining healthy woodlands.
The roe deer, Capreolus capreolus (Linnaeus, 1758), is the smallest species in the Cervidae (deer) family in Europe and Turkey (Beskardes et al., 2008).
The Eurasian lynx Lynx lynx, sable Martes zibellina, moose Alces alces, roe deer Capreolus pygargus and mountain hare Lepus timidus are sympatric predator and herbivore species in Hanma Nature Reserve in the Greater Khingan Mountains, northeastern China.
A 5,300-year-old hunter nicknamed Otzi the Iceman whose mummified body was found in the Tyrolean Alps wore a fur hat made from brown bear pelt and an arrow quiver fashioned from roe deer leather, scientists have found.
The roe deer got stuck in a steep-sided former settling tank and began to panic.
The roe deer got stuck in a steep-sided former settling tank, and, with no access to any water or food, she began to panic.
A review of the available literature revealed that, although the macroscopic anatomical studies on the CCG, and its branches of the ungulates have been described in detail on the pig (Kabak et al., 2005), roe deer (Kabak & Ounk, 2010), Angora goat (Ari et al., 2010), white yak (Shao et al., 2011), yak (Shao et al, 2007), Bactrian camel (Cui-Sheng et al., 1998), donkey (Ozgel et al., 2004), and dromedary camel (Nourinezhad et al., 2015), to date, it seems to be no article pertaining to detailed gross anatomy of the bovine CCG and its branches.