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Indeed, we might read Sly's rejoinder to the Hostess that "The Slys are no rogues" not only as a comical moment of status confusion but also as an implicit response to antitheatrical writers who defined playacting in terms of roguery and vagrancy.
Striking off one-fourth of all these failures as being the result of premeditated roguery, aud setting aside another fourth as being the result of trading with insufficient capital, we shall have one-half of the whole number left, which we may safely assume to be the result of bad bookkeeping.
Prosecuting the crooks within his cabinet whom he appointed knowing their crookery, roguery and thuggery.
Women are heavily engaged in the roguery and robust game of bargaining and exchanging of goods and services.
But more importantly, Jenkins, who in his fun-loving roguery and shrewdness directed against deserving victims, anticipates George Washington Harris's likable rogue, Sut Lovingood.
A HINT of roguery smiled from the brown-eyed, leathery man, whose warm breath mingled the smells of bitter beer and the sweet tobacco then glowing in the curled pipe, which he gripped between his teeth, as his gum-booted feet glooped back from the bank of the lake that had been dug and dammed by hungry quarrymen a generation earlier.
Roguery always will have a place in the newsgathering process.
Comic Fantasy in Jane Austen's Juvenilia: Female Roguery and the Charms of Narcissism.
Sutton, a classicist scholar and specialist in the Greek satyr drama, argues that "The Greeks were always fond of stories of intelligent rascality, and their national heritage of mythology is replete with tales of roguery and tricksters" (1980, 150).
To make one half the world fools and the other half hypocrites; to support roguery and error all over the earth.
Of course, the world of business has always had its scoundrels, but with the dominance of corporations we might say that roguery has been globalized, made official and compulsory.