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People of Pakistan deserve better leadership elected by their votes not by the weight of the establishment or the roguery of civil administrative machinery.
He added: "Insp Trevor Atkinson is appealing for anyone on the Roguery Road and who witnessed the collision to contact local officers in Ballymena or the Collision Investigation Unit on 101 quoting reference 167 08/11/17.
27) The latter work, for instance, offers a typical example of such roguery.
Hamza suddenly finds himself falling in love with a powerful woman, to discover at the end that she used to work for a famous roguery gang.
Echoing the language of the cony-catching pamphlets, (16) Sir Toby becomes the point at which roguery and license come together.
The picaro tells us that we can believe his account of a life ill-spent because he is now truly penitent; he has seen the error of his ways and renounced roguery.
Rather, in a series of vignettes, it dramatizes social interaction and mischief, catering to the vogue for cony-catching roguery.
Roguery in French and German Literature of the Middle Ages and the Reinassance.
The foreword to Andrea ede Piero reads, "To the Reader of this Novell: This story of roguery in the fourteenth century has been reprinted for Fritz Kredel, a very pleasant old rogue of the twentieth century.
Specific topics include religion and the anthropology of ritual in Shakespeare, indigenous exoticism in the literature of roguery, Montaigne's rapprochement between man and animal, and The Masque of Lethe and the recovery of humankind.
Saranova has been straight with Betsy about the are of the evening--the three of us will engage in some PG merriment until a certain hour, at which point he and I will split apart and have our own night of intrigue and roguery, an arrangement that Betsy, creditably, has accepted with grace--and so, at the moment, he is still operating at auxiliary power.
It is meant to deceive no one except those who consider it a deception and who either take pleasure in the delightful roguery of making fools of the whole world or else become angry when they get an inkling they themselves might be included.