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ROGUE. A French word, which in that language signifies proud, arrogant. In some of the ancient English statutes it means an idle, sturdy beggar, which is its meaning in law. Rogues are usually punished as vagrants. Although the word rogue is a word of reproach, yet to charge one as a rogue is not actionable. 5 Binn. 219. See 2 Dev. 162 Hardin, 529.

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Even rogues have strengths, which is the source of another constructive coping strategy.
COWBOY builders arebeinghounded out of Leamington after part of the town has been declared a no-go zone for rogue traders.
AN ENTIRE Midland village has launched a war against rogue traders after residents stood up to crooks trying to rip them off on their own doorsteps.
has even a limited missile defense in place, the irrational rogues may be able to put nuclear weapons into orbit, eliminating the need for ballistic missiles.
Rogues armed with WMD will aim to destabilize key regions and to constrain U.
Instead, Tanter operates within a highly questionable parent-child framework, in which the motives and behavior of the parent are never addressed, and accepts that the criteria by which rogues are designated are useful in separating out these states from the rest of the world.
But most of the claims made about the military capabilities of the so-called rogues have been greatly exaggerated.
The researchers found rogues during periods when significant wave height measured 12 m, but also when significant wave height was as low as 50 centimeters.