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It's an unusual piece, composed long after Rossini had forsaken the opera house, with a roguishly misleading title.
TAKE one roguishly handsome conman, add a younger cheekier chappie and mix in a policeman on the make and you have the perfect recipe for a good night out.
Having delivered this punch line, according to Gripenberg, "Mark Twain stopped, peered at us roguishly and became silent.
A roguishly charming cab driver has the ability to interact with ghosts--and his late wife--after a near-death experience
FACTUAL Despite being roguishly handsome, there are other reasons to watch Robson Green's new nature show.
Roguishly handsome, a Beatle in all but name, he was in his pomp a wondrous player and a devastating lad on the pull.
Instead we got a further glimpse of the Berenson home life, with Mira (Sarita Choudhury) deciding to try and salvage their marriage by ending her affair with the roguishly handsome Alain (played by the fittingly surnamed William Abadie).
The new Bond isn't completely careless with his appearance; he roguishly adjusts the sleeve of his Sharkskin suit after a crazy stunt, but it doesn't dictate his physicality.
from my boss, a roguishly handsome mechanic who kept a .
He roguishly described 9/11 as the "niggerization of America," arguing that "all classes, colors, regions, religions, genders, and sexual orientations felt unsafe, unprotected, subject to random violence and hated.
The trio, which constitute a vicious triangle in their roguishly Iranophobic endeavors, have manifestly held secret meetings among the top security officials and formed a united front against Iran.
Yekini tells the story of his humble but glorious life as a fisherman, before he was roguishly recruited by Superintendent Daminagbo to become a prison warder and hangman: