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Clearly bronze, cold roiled steel, and hot roiled steel windows are not relegated to fenestration history.
After Castaic residents roiled against the William S.
The chamber, which is primarily made up of small businesses, has been roiled during the past year by the departure of several staff members and the decision to turn administration of the film bureau over to city officials.
It has roiled the commercial and sport-fishing, conservation and environmental communities for three years.
which owes billions of dollars to creditors, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last April, as the state was roiled by blackouts and soaring wholesale electricity prices.
Canter also roiled the UTLA when she commented that the vote was the right thing to do because students don't have a lobby.
In a speech spiked with economic statistics, she pictured the United States as a supertanker cutting slowly yet serenely through roiled international waters.
has roiled some shareholders, who allege that it unfairly enriches company executives at the expense of shareholder value.
From Hong Kong to New York, global stock markets Friday were roiled by investors skittish about economic woes in countries as varied as Russia and Venezuela.
Troubles in Asia led to renewed fears of weaker corporate earnings and roiled the U.
Heightened fears about another round of economic and financial turmoil in Asia has roiled stock markets around the world this week, but Friday investors finished off a bad spell by buying back into the market in the last hour of trading.