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In one, a time-lapse record of Kansas sunsets is projected onto Reed's roiling abstraction #523, 2004-2005.
It was October 1998, the middle of the hurricane season in the Caribbean, and he had learned of a large and erratic cyclone roiling up to windward.
It's easy to see when water boils, but it's much harder to discern the roiling transitions of matter and space in particle accelerators.
Tallahassee is a city not to be forgotten with its winding canopy roads, moss-draped oaks and lush roiling hills.
Her legendary artistic image was formed in the 1930s and '40s: Ulanova was more adagio than allegro, more arabesque than fouette, more a calm forest lake than a roiling surf.
Morton, Vice President of the United States from 1889-93 and Governor of New York from 1895-97, this Dutchess County property features a 10-acre lake, roiling woodlands and fields only 200 yards from the Hudson River.
While these photographs at first suggest collage, their seamless surfaces negate this and suture a roiling hodgepodge to domestic tranquillity.
A man drowns while kayaking roiling falls in China.
Jiggins linked the roiling clouds of up to 350 female butterflies to a high prevalence of infection with Wolbachia bacteria, which destroy eggs that would have hatched into males.
The big screen can barely contain the razzle-dazzle rush of movement, color, and music that spills over in Velvet Goldmine, his roiling valentine to the glam-rock era.
Roiling and thumping by the cast of twelve send up clouds of dust, like some cosmic detritus that stands for the ultimate end of all human accomplishment.