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To commit a Robbery by force. A record of the proceedings of a court or public office.

In some states, a judgment roll is required to be filed by the clerk of the court when he or she enters judgment. It normally contains the summons, pleadings, admissions, and each judgment and order involving the merits of the case or affecting the final judgment. In the federal courts and most state courts, judgments are recorded in the civil docket or criminal docket.

In old English practice, a judgment roll was a roll of parchment containing the entries of the proceedings in an action at law including the entry of judgment. It was filed in the treasury of the court.

A tax roll is a list of the persons and property subject to the payment of a particular tax, with the amounts due; it is compiled and verified in proper form to enable the collecting officers to enforce the tax.


noun account, album, catalogue, census, directory, docket, document, enumeration, index, ledger, list, membership, muster, record, register, registry, roster, schedule, tabula
See also: docket, file, record, register, schedule

ROLL. A schedule of parchment which may be turned up with the hand in the form of a pipe or tube. Jacob, L. D. h.t.
     2. In early times, before paper came in common use, parchment was the substance employed for making records, and, as the art of bookbinding was but little used, economy suggested as the most convenient mode of adding sheet to sheet, as were found requisite, and they were tacked together in such manner that the whole length might be wound up together in the form of spiral rolls.
     3. Figuratively it signifies the records of a court or office. In Pennsylvania the master of the rolls was an officer in whose office were recorded the acts of the legislature. 1 Smith's Laws, 46.

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