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He set a good, rollicking, dashing stroke that sent the spray playing all over the boat like a fountain, and made the whole crowd sit up straight in no time.
So with occasional tiffs, but on the whole rollicking, they drew near the Neverland; for after many moons they did reach it, and, what is more, they had been going pretty straight all the time, not perhaps so much owing to the guidance of Peter or Tink as because the island was looking for them.
A merry rollicking whistle was lilting up the lane.
Oh, something with a nice, fast, rollicking, late-at-night-kind of flavor to it.
A minute later she was whirled away in his arms to the dancing-floor, where, along with the other three women and their partners, a rollicking Virginia reel was soon in progress.
Other friends, with whom I have sat at dinner in the brave, rollicking days in the Solomons have since passed out--by the same way.
When she broke into the swift rattling measures of a chorus some half-tipsy men near the stage joined in the rollicking refrain and glasses were pounded rhythmically upon the tables.
Suddenly there came swelling up a deep-voiced, rollicking chorus from somewhere out of the darkness.
We are singing a rollicking sea song, all save one who sits on the ground and weeps; and we are marking the rhythm with waving square faces.
Herrick was a jolly old Pagan, full of a rollicking joy in life.
Rollicking robins were whistling joyously in the pines.
There was something so infectious in the rollicking tunes which Captain Jim played that very soon Marshall Elliott's feet began to twitch.