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But as stalwart members Joel Lamangan, Mae Paner and the recently departed Soxie Topacio rollickingly revealed during Peta's 50th anniversary concert last April, after Ninoy Aquino's assassination in 1983 Peta resolved to gird itself like the rest of the country and take part in the parliament of the streets.
00 The View 2016 sees the release of Ropewalk, their vibrant, ambitious, rollickingly tuneful new album.
The problem in "The Night Baghdad Fell" is that these gags--often rollickingly good--become wedded to reckless propaganda.
I got to drive my third Aero 8, complete with new and hugely improved hood and Meades and yours truly got to make some rollickingly good telly - well I would say that, wouldn't I?
A longer list would have seen the inclusion of, among others, Red Turnip's Time Stands Still; Repertory Philippines' Run for Your Wife (British comedy pulled off rollickingly, with Jeremy Domingo acting circles around the ne'er-do-well-friend stereotype); Loy Arcenas' impeccably acted Arbol de Fuego; and Dulaang UP's manic modernization of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, cheekily titled #R and lt;/3J.
But with one barnstorming exception--Carlyle Brown's rollickingly accomplished "Pure Confidence," a funny show about black jockeys in the Civil War-era South--this year's Humana slate lacks structural rigor and feels unsure of itself.
Wisecracking TV sidekick Laurent Baffie pulls off a sort of thinking man's "Jackass the Movie" in his writing-helming debut, "The Car Keys," a rollickingly silly exercise in sending up filmmaking conventions.