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Undoubtedly, Benitez would have put an arm round Steven Gerrard from time to time at Anfield and said, 'Keep your eye on so-and-so', 'Let me know what's happening with such-and-such', 'He needs a rollocking, give him one so I don't have to'.
Mike Tindall came over and gave me a bit of a rollocking after it.
He's made mistakes in the team, in training and he's had rollockings from the manager but he seems to be more like the finished article now.
The 33-year-old was like a man possessed as soon as the game kicked-off, and he dished out merciless rollockings to any of his team-mates who failed to match his high standards.
And the Villa manager has shown that he is also not scared to dish out a few rollockings when the situation demands.
I was so glad to get them in at half-time and give out some rollockings.
He said: "Sir Alex is renowned for his rollockings.
He knew we could come back and win the game easily, but he didn't give any rollockings or anything like that.
One particular player said to me `does this mean we're going to get rollockings again?