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Mike Tindall came over and gave me a bit of a rollocking after it.
I was so glad to get them in at half-time and give out some rollockings.
The 33-year-old was like a man possessed as soon as the game kicked-off, and he dished out merciless rollockings to any of his team-mates who failed to match his high standards.
I've given him one or two rollockings in the last couple of days ?
And the Villa manager has shown that he is also not scared to dish out a few rollockings when the situation demands.
Lee's fond of giving pre-match advice and rollockings to the players.
Pearce dished out a rollocking to end all rollockings last season after City lost at home to Middlesbrough in April.
He said: "Sir Alex is renowned for his rollockings.
He knew we could come back and win the game easily, but he didn't give any rollockings or anything like that.