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Next, I don't think there was anything romantic in Tudor's attempting to kiss me, nor anything like adventure in this absurd duel.
Avonlea is the dearest place in the world, but it isn't quite romantic enough for the scene of a story.
But you--you can go out into the world, the mysterious world, do as you will, go where you will, wander here, wander there, follow any bye-way that takes your fancy, put up at old inns, make strange acquaintances, have all kinds of romantic experiences-- Oh, to be a man for a fortnight, your younger brother for a fortnight
While this brought together a French woman and an American man for a single night of romance in Vienna, in the later film the couple meet again in Paris, and once more experience a romantic frisson.
With Valentine's Day around the corner, a survey has named the Valleys town as the third most romantic place in Britain.
In Romantic Friendship in Victorian Literature, Carolyn W.
These are dinners that would ably serve to make a special dining occasion for anniversary celebrations, birthdays, Valentine Day, Christmas, special announcements and events (like getting engaged or having a baby), or a simple romantic evening at home.
But sometimes, it's lovely to just dress like a lady - and the romantic trend is the perfect way to flaunt your feminine wiles.
It is partly due to the inherently international, interdisciplinary nature of Romantic thought, art, and literature that such difficulties in classification occur.
WE all need a little bit of love and for many of us it's found on the adjective-filled pages of the romantic novel.
Most early theories describe motivations for "mate" selection and characteristics that people tend to look for in a lifetime romantic partner in the context of marriage.