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Hirsch adds, ``They're more romantically compatible with other Fiery Buffalos but can be quite dependent on their mates.
Tilden will be joined by a live studio audience and romantically challenged contestants who will compete for cash prizes when Peter pits current spouses vs.
Has the whole affair occurred in Alex's romantically confused head?
Romantically starved by the withholding Francois, Louis looks for solace in the young HIV-positive Bruno (Sylvain Jacques), only to discover that Francois and Bruno once had an affair behind his back.
As he struggles to stay financially and romantically afloat, he is supported by his three best friends, Kate (Christa Miller), Oswald (Diedrich Bader) and Lewis (Ryan Stiles).
Reiner's caustic Sarmoti is priceless, particularly when, in tonight's episode, he dresses down two romantically hapless pandas (guest voices Lisa Kudrow and Andy Richter).
But Karel and Andrew are the first gay talk jocks to hold such a high-profile slot--and definitely the first romantically attached gay couple to do so.
Included are the athletic-inspired designs as well as romantically tinged tees with lettuce edging and lace-up details by Self Esteem and Fang.
Certainly not Carrey, once romantically linked to Renee Zellweger, whom he fell in love with on the set of ``Me, Myself and Irene.
The tabloids linked them romantically, but even 18-year-old Taylor knew better.
While 47 percent of those who took the online survey preferred romantically flashing their peepers in contact lenses, more than 49 percent said they'd be most likely to "flirt outrageously" in sunglasses.
He has denied they are romantically involved and at the London premiere of his new movie the 39-year-old said: "I'd probably rather they didn't make up the stuff they do, it's ridiculous, but I don't ever see them anymore.