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Ice cream or ice pops on the roof of the mouth on a hot day may signal the sphenopalatine (SFEE-noh-pal-uh-tine) nerve to widen blood vessels in the head to keep the brain warm.
a wind teacher may say to allow the tongue to lightly make contact with the roof of the mouth for the attack, while supporting with the breath all the way through the note and then for the release you must .
When the snake brings its tongue back into its mouth, these particles get transferred to two pits called olfactory (related to smell) organs, which are located at the roof of the mouth.
The minimally invasive "Pillar" Procedure involves placing three small implants in the patient's soft palate located at the back of the roof of the mouth.
SNORING is caused by the vibration of parts of the nose and throat, especially the soft palate in the roof of the mouth, during sleep.
The optical fiber lit up the eyeballs through the roof of the mouth using a strong light--making the head glow red.
Doctors who specialize in the care of the brain and nervous system think this kind of headache might be related to the effect of cold on the nerves of the roof of the mouth.
The Pillar system consists of three inserts made of woven polyester yarn, each less than an inch long, which are inserted into the soft palate on the roof of the mouth to support and stiffen the palate tissue.
It's called Arachibutyrophobia - the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.
It's also associated with snoring, when the muscles of the tongue, throat and roof of the mouth relax, causing the loose tissue in the mouth to sag and vibrate - and therein lies the answer.
Mouth cancer can affect the tongue, lips, cheeks, gums, floor or roof of the mouth.