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As he entered one of the rooms, he was startled to see the roofer trying to put a fire out.
Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens, who says he wants to send a message, recently sent out two undercover state agents to target Ronnie Baker and several other roofers.
TWO MIDLAND roofers have been handed suspended sentences after they let a 37kg roll of roofing felt plummet through a skylight, injuring an office worker.
Given the relative success of reducing restrictions and the government's explicit recognition of licensing's limiting effect on the availability of roofers, reform of licensing, at least to the extent done in crisis, should be adopted permanently.
I tell people that it's God calling in one of my markers,'' the veteran roofer with the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks says, laughing.
During the three-week trial at Liverpool Crown Court, jurors heard how Clarke beat the popular roofer to death with a hammer - and Conroy helped him dispose of his victim's severed head and arms.
Thanks to a sophisticated property management department that tracks leak calls from more than 1,600 tenants, we have kept records on where roofers found leaks and what repairs where made.
As roofer, the church finds Christ whether it is caring for the AIDS patient or challenging the dehumanizing policies of a dictator.
Before you make your final payment to the roofer, confirm with your building inspector that it was done right.
One month later Hurricane Iwa's devastation swept many Oahu roofers to Kauai, leaving general contractors scrambling to find roofers who could complete projects for them on Oahu.
A GREAT-GRANDAD conned out of PS3,000 by a bogus roofer has spoken of his nightmare and said: "I feel like a doddery old fool.
Mr Sheard, a roofer, of Freshfield Road, Formby, died in January, 2012, of septicaemia, or blood poisoning.