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According to the company, the FiberTite Blue Roof is a fabric reinforced thermoplastic roof membrane designed for use on flat commercial and industrial roofs to offer a temporary solution for damaged roofs until permanent repairs can be made.
Pre-orders for Tesla's solar roof tiles are set to begin soon as indicated by the company's CEO, Elon Musk's tweet at 12:56 a.
Summer's long, sunny days and the cool, crisp days of fall are the perfect time to do maintenance that protects your roof from winter's roar.
The green and white roofs perform equally well in preventing a phenomenon scientists call "heat island effect," according to the study, led by Stuart Gaffin, a research scientist at Columbia's Center for Climate Systems Research.
MLB has rules for nearly everything, and opening and closing the roof in retractable-roofed stadiums is no different.
In urban areas, white roofs also help lower smog levels by lowering local temperatures, which tend to be higher due to the large proportion there of paved surfaces.
Green roofs are broken into three categories: extensive, semi-intensive and intensive.
Belizario learned about green roofs in Chicago, where Mayor Richard Daley's administration requires any city-funded project to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification.
Jay Thomas, director of marketing for Sarnafil, says the company's thermoplastic roofing is making advances into traditional build-up and EPDM, or geomembrane, roofs.
In New Hampshire, Tom Avalone, whose company, Cobb Hill Construction, does both residential and commercial construction, occasionally gets requests from homeowners for low-slope roofs.
Gergely, whose company now does only commercial buildings after years of working on residential roofs, says that if you're one of those homeowners who waits until their roof seems ready to collapse before replacing it, you're not alone.