room to spare

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There is no room to spare in the house; for more of 'the girls' are here, and always are here, by some accident or other, than I know how to count.
Reggie didn't object to her visitors' suddenly changing their minds, and that there was always a room to spare in her elastic house.
We tried all we could to fill him so full that he would have no room to spare for a fortnight, but it was a failure.
We met an everlasting procession of guides, porters, mules, litters, and tourists climbing up this steep and muddy path, and there was no room to spare when you had to pass a tolerably fat mule.
He did not know of any such place - at least, not one handy; but he said that, if we liked to come with him, his mother had a room to spare, and could put us up for the night.
A lady once offered me a mat, but as I had no room to spare within the house, nor time to spare within or without to shake it, I declined it, preferring to wipe my feet on the sod before my door.
With room for eight passengers, the Honda Pilot will fit most families plus a few friends with room to spare.
The world s fifth largest cruise ship fitted with room to spare into DSBr s 420-metre drydock number 3, and over 3 weeks around 3,500 personnel worked around the clock on a range of projects.
50 Yarmouth SP forecast 6-4 Notched a string of placed efforts in maidens before getting off the mark with room to spare on his handicap debut at Windsor last week.
The Lightning struck an early blow to their T20 Blast semi-final opponents as they defended a target of 302 with room to spare.
Expansive exterior dimensions, though, mean plenty of space inside and there is room to spare for four adults to spread out on long hauls, while five should cope just fine on short trips.
Most of the flexibility in Bombardieras timeline was eaten up when an engine failure grounded the flight-test aircraft for most of the summer, leaving very little room to spare if something else goes wrong.