room together

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But Mr Blandois, smiting him in a friendly manner on the back, only laughed; so the said Blandois kissed his hand again to Mrs Clennam, and they went out of the room together.
Without interchanging a word they went slowly out of the room together, Uriah looking after them.
Tenders are invited for new extension including 3 nr classrooms, careers room, office and male wc, including alterations to existing building comprising reconfiguration existing careers room to create new link corridor and wc/shower room together with all associated siteworks and site services installations.
Charlie and Roxy might be all smiles as they're left alone in a room together, but be warned: Big Sister has ways of watching you.
That'd be Stan's time and the air is blue when Shirley and Mick are in the same room together.
Aaron, who does voluntary work at Caernarfonbased charities Mantell Gwynedd and Gwynedd Ni, added: "ey're trying to get the young people who need support to all get into one room together, so it would be like a day care centre where they take us out.
DARREN FLETCHER is the man to pull the Manchester United dressing room together, says his former team-mate Phil Neville.
We felt we had to take it back to basics by getting single people in a room together where they can talk to each other," Xenia, 42, said.
Welsh, 55, said: "It was the first time in 10 years that myself, Danny, Andrew and John have been in the same room together.
Lying off this is the attractive snug/sitting room together with separate utility.
A source told the New York Post that tensions boiled over between the two when they were in a room together with Beyonce, Rihanna, Leo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake.
The duo room together when in camp with Ireland, including throughout last year's World Cup in New Zealand, but their clash as part of two outstanding back-rows is likely to have a big say in who wins the first all-Irish European final at Twickenham.