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I had a lot of arguments with him when we played together in the team, when we were together as room-mates, and this is always forgotten afterwards.
BRITISH-BORN gunman Elliot Rodger stabbed and killed his college room-mates before he embarked on a shooting rampage, police said.
My room-mate is very unhappy tonight,' she explained with obvious embarrassment.
Anil Kumar, from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, India, was found hanging from a ceiling fan hook by his room-mate when he went to the roof at around 4pm, said sources.
Dharun Ravi's defence lawyer Steven Altman said during closing arguments in the trial, that his client had merely wanted to protect his possessions from his room-mate, Tyler Clementi.
The study established that patients who had three room-mates before their operation had been less anxious than those with one room-mate.
PROSECUTORS have asked an appeals court in Italy to increase convicted killer Amanda Knox's prison sentence to life for the murder of her British room-mate.
Boyd, from Northamptonshire, said: "John's my room-mate and he has been doing fantastic the last few weeks and we've been feeding off each other and trying to move up the Order of Merit every week and it seems to be working.
Dear Betsy, What should I do with my room-mate to get her to do her share of keeping our flat clean and tidy?
NEWCASTLE Benfield manager Paddy Atkinson will renew acquaintance with a former room-mate when the Tynesiders take on Retford United in the third qualifying round of the FA Cup on Saturday.
A labourer has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his room-mate at their accommodation in Julfar.