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Roomful of Blues was at Tower Hill last summer when it "wowed'' people at the concert, according to Kathy Abbott, CEO of Tower Hill Botanic Garden.
As for the roomful of Secret Service agents guarding the president and first lady Michelle Obama, the Wagners said that even they were not concerned about the incident.
Roomful of Blues demonstrated to its Lebanese audience Wednesday night that they are.
A roomful of prospective clients worth more than the GNP of most small nations.
In a conversation preceding the conception of their daughter, Patsy articulates Saul's unspoken fear that parenthood will force him to say goodbye to "the dreams of everything," so that he can no longer be a "whole roomful of people," and he admits that "I'd have to be one person forever.
When you think of Bible reading, do you envision a roomful of priests quietly poring over ancient, dusty tomes?
Agony aunt Suzie Hayman explains that plenty of people feel nervous and shy entering a roomful of strangers alone.
But the roomful of journalists were equally interested in what was going on in Britain.
This was not always so, but today a roomful of them probably would find it hard to agree on what they believe.
The inner workings of a cell, previously a world for a single pair of eyes to scrutinize, are now visible--via imaging camera and projection--to a roomful of students who can pinpoint and discuss the same image simultaneously.
Bush, The White House and the Education of Paul O'Neill' by journalist Ron Suskind, that Bush was 'like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people' during cabinet meetings.