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Founded more than 45 years ago, Roomful of Blues celebrates the jump blues, R&B and early rock 'n' roll music of the horn-powered golden era of the late 1940s and early 1950s.
As for the roomful of Secret Service agents guarding the president and first lady Michelle Obama, the Wagners said that even they were not concerned about the incident.
Roomful of Blues demonstrated to its Lebanese audience Wednesday night that they are.
SIR; You do not need a roomful of economists and a supercomputer to realise that it is not in the interests of anyone--consumers, the grocery trade or even Tesco itself--to allow its current market dominance to extend still further.
Streetsmart partners Tom Reed and Jeff Collins presented the data before a roomful of about 120 bankers, lenders, real estate agents and other business leaders last week in the firm's quarterly coffee hour.
The Section Connection Reception, an exclusive event for members of all 18 AAJ practice sections, will provide that roomful of like-minded attorneys for members' networking pleasure.
Tighten your internal network security, he tells a roomful of contractors.
Past deathtraps have included a razor-wire maze, a roomful of dirty syringes and a shotgun-shell collar.
Ask a roomful of newspaper editors about tabloids of tomorrow, and you're likely to hear a round of applause.
Of course teachers coping with a roomful of toddlers separated from mum for the first time can't be expected to deal with a delinquent, even a 2ft 6in one, but shouldn't there be a system that whisks away the unruly one and its parents for rehabilitation?
Unless, that is, you find lightheartedness in adults going ape over a roomful of flying balls.
Glassman told a roomful of economists at the National Economists Club in Washington, D.