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I'm used to filming in a moving vehicle - but this was far roomier than a Fiat
Vauxhall believes the SRi will be the most popular, and although slightly smaller than the previous model, the new Astra is roomier inside, particularly for rear seat passengers and the boot remains from 370 to 1,210 litres to satisfy business drivers.
Airbus installed all in-flight entertainment boxes under the floor for a roomier cabin, and also deployed LED lighting for a more comfortable flight.
Delta Air Lines plans to revamp 225 planes by installing slimmer seats and roomier overhead bins.
Roomier, more economical and better to drive, it'll come with three or five-doors, with thrifty 1.
The theatre, now has about 75 percent fewer seats in each of its six auditoriums to house the roomier seats.
Now, the couple is back in Lincoln Square with even roomier digs: a five-bedroom duplex with a private garden in a renovated prewar building with a doorman and gym.
Now roomier, the cab has more side-to-side foot room and a larger door with more glass for better visibility to the side.
Families opt to travel in rental cars for a variety of reasons, including the enjoyment of a roomier vehicle model for comfort, the savings on travel costs with a more fuel-efficient vehicle and the avoidance of additional wear and tear on their personal vehicles.
Nissan has always been innovative and focused on delivering first-class levels of comfort to the whole family in terms of, a roomier cabin and a quieter ride combined, while maintaining Patrol's superior off-road heritage, he added.
He said specific improvements include a roomier cabin with increased space between the front and second-row seats.
Honda releases roomier, fuel-efficient Step WGN minivan