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The 2011 QX also offers ample 1st and 2nd row roominess, generous luggage space.
General Manager of AKA explains the benefits of the new Terrain, "The dynamic five-seat Terrain blends roominess and comfort with elegance and practicality.
Having said that, you could leave everything alone and still have plenty of roominess for three adult rear passengers.
It describes the vehicle as combining the look and feel of a luxury coupe with the ample interior roominess, optimised seating height and luggage space of an SUV.
The extra roominess provided in Big Feet's purposely oversized line allows for movement without restrictions--because you never know when you'll have to pop up in the middle of the night to lower the temperature on the air conditioner.
ROOMINESS The redesigned MX-5 has a larger interior than previous Miatas, but the Solstice is still bigger.
According to the company, the new vehicle was favored by customers for its urban style, roominess and luggage space, the company said.
The tandem distance*, which is a key indicator of in-car roominess, is on a par with some larger D-segment contenders.
In particular, the designers have concentrated their efforts on the interior layout to offer equal comfort, amenities and roominess for all passengers.
Dodgy styling didn't help, but it was praised for its comfort and roominess as well as undercutting cars such as the Fiat X1/9 and 2.
Dodgy styling didn't help but it was praised for its comfort and roominess as well as for undercutting cars like the Fiat X1/9 and 2.
1 -- color) Forever 21 has increased the roominess in their clothes this year, but still only offers fashions up to size 13.