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Under the new licensing scheme, a person will be ineligible to hold a rooming house licence if they:
Three Melbourne rooming houses will be given a new lease of life upgraded to improve safety for residents.
10 shooting death of 52-year-old Lloyd Worster at the Albion rooming house at 765 Main St.
These agencies are accountable for the lead response and follow-up during a rooming house emergency.
While a 5 percent increase has been proposed for rooming houses and SROs, up from last year's 2 percent; the board voted a zero increase for Class A and Class B hotels.
A rooming house is a building where one or more rooms are available to rent and has four or more tenants.
WORCESTER -- A 53-year-old security guard at the Albion rooming house accused of fatally shooting the building's custodian in the back Friday night called police after the shooting, but not before someone hid the alleged murder weapon, authorities said.
While the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) has voted increases of two percent and four percent for new one- and two-year leases respectively, an RGB-approved low rent supplement of $15 for apartments renting for less than $450 (provided the new rent plus guidelines increases does not go over $465), as well as a 5 percent sublet allowance and a two percent increase for rooming house units, are under legal attack by tenants.
The denizens of the rooming house are unexpectedly uplifted by a new boarder, Luka, a tramp who listens to their stories, advises them, and spins illusions, thus offering them hope.
It was determined that the residence was a rooming house with six bedrooms occupied by nine people.
WORCESTER -- A well-known 52-year-old man, who grew up in a large family in Main South, was fatally shot Friday night at the Albion rooming house at 765 Main St.