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The great roomy armchairs, covered with brocaded damask; the old fashioned, gilded candle-sconces above the chimney-piece, and the window curtains with their heavy tassels, showed that the cure had been a wealthy man.
All these dear chil dren had learned to walk on her roomy quarter-deck.
He certainly used to stare at it a good deal when keeping us company outside the cabin door, with one muscular arm thrown over the back of the chair, and his big shapely legs, in very tight white trousers, extended far out and ending in a pair of black shoes as roomy as punts.
It was a long, roomy, one-storied villa, with a not unpicturesque combination of deep veranda and trellis work, which relieved the flat monotony of the interior and the barrenness of the freshly- cleared ground.
One exception there was, however, in a very antique elbow-chair, with a high back, carved elaborately in oak, and a roomy depth within its arms, that made up, by its spacious comprehensiveness, for the lack of any of those artistic curves which abound in a modern chair.
It was a huge vehicle, roomy, as easy in its motion as a palanquin, and exceedingly comfortable.
A matter of some twelve or fourteen times a man's height down in this pit, on the right-hand side, there is a recess or space, roomy enough to contain a large cart with its mules.
Perfect for a young family, Horizon offers a roomy interior, a second sleeping cabin ideal for children, a bathroom with separate shower stall, and a very spacious dining area with all the amenities of a full kitchen.
Compact yet roomy interior, with comfortable and variable seating configurations
So Nissan two years ago made a bold return to the fold with the five-door Pulsar, which uses the same engines and much of the running gear as the Qashqai and is well equipped, roomy and robust.
The new front bumper, grille, available integrated fog lights and available Toyota-first LED projector low- and high-beam headlights contribute to the roomy Prius v sporty makeover.
The new Pixie ankle boot by Cosyfeet is specially designed for ladies who need an extra roomy fit due to swollen feet or ankles.