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Caption: Figure 2: Intraoral radiographic examination showing dilacerations along with well-defined periapical radiolucency at the root apex
Apart from being in a palatal direction, the extension of root dilaceration from the coronal portion of the root along the root apex is another interesting finding in this case, which was the main cause for the labial root perforation during access cavity preparation from a lingual approach.
In the presence of Al, plants secrete mucilage, which increases the pH in the root apex region and has high binding capacity, explained by the reactions of exchange with negative charges of the citrate and succinate, the main constituent of the mucilage (Taiz & Zeiger, 2009).
In vitro evaluation of apical sealing in root apex treated with demineralization agents and retrofiled with mineral trioxide aggregate through marginal dye leakage.
Chelating agents, excreted by root apexes to the rhizosphere, chelate with the metal excluding it from the root apex or the ligand-metal complex detoxify metals internally.
target sites occurs in the first 5 mm of the root apex, possibly causing
1999) showed that high concentrations of Al (250 [micro]M; 80 min treatment) significantly decreased POD activity in the first 6 mm of the root apex in the sensitive inbred line of maize but not the tolerant inbred line.
There are 2 basic strategies by which plants can tolerate Al: (i) the ability to exclude Al entry into the root apex and root hairs (apoplasmic mechanisms), and (ii) development of mechanisms that allow the plant to tolerate toxic concentrations of Al within the cell (symplasmic mechanisms) (Taylor 1991).
One exception is exclusion of Al from the root tip, achieved by Al-induced release of organic acids that chelate Al and thus prevent its entry into the root apex (Miyasaka et al.
Mucosal fenestration is a condition that can be described as breakdown of the overlying bone and alveolar mucosa leading to exposure of root apex in the oral environment.