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Use of mineral trioxide aggregate in the treatment of horizontal root fractures with a 5-year follow-up: report of a case.
The present clinical report demonstrated the need of a multidisciplinary intervention during the treatment of complicated crown root fracture.
Effect of dentinal bonded resin post-core preparations on resistance to vertical root fracture.
Intra-alveolar root fracture is a rare injury in permanent teeth (0.
Fiber reinforced posts reduce the risk of root fracture and are the best choice in reconstruction of the endodontically treated teeth.
The titan post and ceramic post produces the greatest stress concentration at the post/dentin interface (Figure 4), which predispose to vertical irreparable root fractures.
Effectiveness of limited cone-beam computed tomography in the detection of horizontal root fracture.
Calcium hydroxide--A boon in complete healing of horizontal apical one third root fracture.
18,19) As a result, there is a potential risk of vertical root fracture during the threading procedure or masticatory function, especially in anterior teeth undergoing tangential forces.
There was slight gingival recession, pain on percussion, no mobility and there was no evidence of crown or root fracture.
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