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Principal component analysis (PCA) of variables plant height (H), stem diameter (SD), leaf dry mass (LDM), stem dry mass (SDM), shoot dry mass (SHDM), principal root dry mass (PRDM), secondary root dry mass (SRDM), total root dry mass (TRDM), total dry mass (TDM), shoot height: diameter ratio (SHDR), shoot: root ratio (SRR) and quality index of Dickson (DQI) of mangosteen seedlings grown on different substrates at 240 DAP.
Bolinder MA, Angers DA, Belanger G, Michaud R, Laverdiere MR (2002) Root biomass and shoot to root ratios of perennial forage crops in eastern Canada.
In the present case report, the patient suffered from severe disharmony in the crown root ratio, occlusal plane and occlusion so, group function type of occlusion was used in distributing the stresses to the posterior teeth, crown root ratio is altered without increasing the vertical dimension.
Analysis of shoot to root ratio revealed biomass partitioning was driven by temperature, not water availability.
Plaque control and adequate oral Hygiene: Plaque control and adequate oral hygiene are of primary concern in teeth having poor crown-to- root ratio. Continued progression of periodontitis due to inadequate plaque control invites treatment failure; (15,34,49) as do structural changes resulting from faulty restorative procedures such as poor margin placement, overcontoured crowns etc.
In 1- and 2-year-old plantations the root ratio (RR, %; the proportion of the root system as part of total tree mass) and the ratio of fine roots (FR/R, %; the proportion of fine (< 2 mm in diameter) roots in the root system) were calculated.