rooted belief

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The six GCC countries have a deeply rooted belief that Jordan is a qualitative addition to the bloc.
There is a rooted belief among some people that the foreign states interfere in every single this, and this wrong," he went on to say.
Secondly, we retain our deep rooted belief that the UK is still today the most entrepreneurial country in Europe.
Well, the half-full part of the glass is: There is a rooted belief that the current electoral system serves the interests of the ruling party.
Our deeply rooted belief in the importance of supporting local communities has led to the selection of the wilayats of Seeb and Bausher as both of these lacked ocean habitat.
That led us to think more broadly about the role of redemption in American life, our deeply rooted belief that we can, or must, take what is bad and remake it into something good.
Since we met over 2 years ago we have found practical ways to combine our philosophies and support each other and our businesses in a deep rooted belief of daily sustainability.
There's a deeply rooted belief in the American psychology that if something terrible were to surprise us, we would respond as we did after Pearl Harbor and 9/11--we would suffer the blow, deal with the trauma .
Period chosen, 1997, reflects both Marrakchi's own teen years (partly accounting for the terrific use of period pop music) and the tail-end of the old guard's strongly rooted belief in the permanence of their privileged lifestyle.
It's presence here can be attributed to the ignorance of some people and the influence of cultures with a deeply rooted belief in such practices.
This one-sided narrative is Obama's rationality which along with the twin policy of ratcheting up sanctions and the covert actions against Iran, are likely to fuel Iran's deeply rooted belief that the US cannot be trusted.