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ROOT. That part of a tree or plant under ground from which it draws most of its nourishment from the earth.
     2. When the roots of a tree planted in one man's land extend into that of another, this circumstance does not give the latter any right to the tree, though such is the doctrine of the civil law; Dig. 41, 1, 7, 13; but such person has a right to cut off the roots up to his line. Rolle's R. 394, vide Tree.
     3. In a figurative sense, the term root is used to signify the person from whom one or more others are descended. Vide Descent; Per stirpes.

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His "large feet," no longer "rootlike," have "seven toes each" (463).
Normally, the addition of amyloid beta oligomers to a culture of neurons causes the swift disappearance of many of the neurons' dendritic spines-the rootlike, synapse-bearing input stalks that receive signals from other neurons.
rhizoid: Rootlike absorptive structures on the underside of certain gametophytes.
or by the length of his rootlike cock as you tape on a catheter tube" (p.
Floating aquatic, roots absent; leaves 3, dimorphic, 2 green, sessile, entire, floating and I finely dissected, petiolate, rootlike, submerged; sporocarps chainlike on submerged leaf.
Although her signature clusters of bristling vein or rootlike tubular segments are generally composed in part from previously fired elements that she presses into the wet clay with a force characterised as "muscling," her work expresses an overall correspondence between touch and material that can be quite sensitive.