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However, the innovative use of specially created zinc rooves complements the timeless feel of the gardens, evoking the greenhouses and outbuildings that were previously part of the Brandling Estate.
Generation of energy : The authority plans to make use of its buildings' rooves to generate energy from solar energy.
the rooves of their vans stretch on two legs on a par with the branches
LEAD has been stolen from the rooves of a charity shop, a school and a house in Solihull over the past two days, police said.
The result was a set of common guidelines for low-impact shelter of traditional bamboo frame construction, with walls of woven split bamboo (gedeg) and tarpaulin rooves that could later be covered with more permanent materials.
The old shops were built of stone and had lower rooves than their modern counterparts.
Traveling across England by train after his discharge, he surveys the "thatched rooves and tangled lanes and steeples poking over every country knoll" and reflects that "this world had often beguiled me.
Meanwhile, the ratio of cars with England flags fluttering optimistically from their rooves increases rapidly as the big event draws ever nearer, which is another indicator that all the adverts and all the earnest speculation about whether Leighton Baines or Stephen Warnock should spend a month in South Africa just in case Ashley Cole gets injured are about to become of secondary importance to an actual football tournament.
He looked at the timber fences and latticed extensions that marked the perimeters of his land and at the sharply silhouetted, tiled rooves of the neighbouring houses, which glittered under a bright half-moon and the pin-points of wintry stars.
A TV tower crashed on to the 12th green at Valhalla and there were trees brought down, damage to two rooves in the tented village area and flagpoles bent over.
There were also trees brought down, damage to two rooves in the tented village area and flagpoles bent over.