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Cave rescuer Brian Prewer said: 'We think he probably abseiled down on a double rope and pulled the rope down after him - why he did that I don't know, perhaps we will never know.
We tried to put a rope down but it got caught in rocks.
A rock -- a volcanic bomb -- actually went by the legs of the guy who was hanging on the rope down in the crater.
He's won twice, at Listowel and Down Royal, and, in between, it was my fault when he was turned over by Lindenhurst in Gowran Park, as I gave the winner too much rope down the back and could never get to him.
There were team members climbing in the area who were able to put a rope down to the men and lower them to the footpath.
Then somebody put a rope down and I tied it on and they lifted it out.
In the coming week, in various locations in Austria and Switzerland, Nock will also attempt the longest cable crossing with a bike and try walking the longest and highest rope down a valley.
One of my chores was to throw a pail attached by rope down into the well, then pull it up hand-over-hand til I had it to the surface.
April 28, 1954 THE courage of a 16-year-old Paddock girl, Valerie Taylor, who insisted on being lowered by a rope down the face of a disused quarry near her home to rescue a nine-year-old schoolboy trapped on a ledge, was recognised by Huddersfield Youth Committee who presented her with a testimonial.
The machine takes eight men to fire it, with a team of four or five pulling the rope down to create momentum.
Members of the line rescue team based at Coulby Newham put a team member and rope down to Matthew.