rope off

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They lifted an inspection hatch and managed to cut the rope off the propeller and replaced the hatch.
The Motion Picture Association of America is so set on retaining this system that it intends for government decrees to rope off home entertainment equipment from personal computers, consumer interests be damned.
Partitioning, or dividing a disk into sectors, is done to make way for a second operating system or to rope off a safe place to store backup files apart from your active data.
For campaigners on Belfast's most famous loyalist street say their area is being snubbed as organisers rope off the road and send the thousands of participants up the Falls instead.
At its head, 198-foot Palouse Falls twists in a frothy rope off the lip of a large basalt amphitheater.
It's so absurd to pretend that you can rope off one part of science--especially one such as evolution, which is the central organizing theory of biology--and think that it won't have ramifications.